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Polygon Racer 3D

Polygon Racer 3D is a retro arcade game from David Jalbert. The goal of the game is to get from the beginning to the end of each road before the time runs out. If you hit another racer, you'll skid of the road, making your vulnerable to hit somethig else. Control your Polygon Racer with arrow keys. This game supports old-school 3D glasses. Polygon Racer 3D spiele,Polygon Racer 3D spielen,Polygon Racer 3D spielaffe,Polygon Racer 3D schminken,Polygon Racer 3D pc,Polygon Racer 3D anziehen,Polygon Racer 3D kostenlos,Polygon Racer 3D spiele für kinder,coole Polygon Racer 3D spiele,Polygon Racer 3D spiele 1001,Polygon Racer 3D classic spielen.

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